Testing in aviation

More safety in demanding projects

No more missing test requirements in the project, repetitive changes, numerous open questions: SET’s aviation test systems lighten the load from uncertainties and get testing out of the critical path.

Testing competence for the future

of aeronautics

Development projects in aeronautics are usually characterized by time and cost constraints. New aircraft, both manned and unmanned (like autonomous air taxis / eVTOL as well as concepts for urban air mobility) lead to more demanding technology. Software, electronics and embedded systems become more and more complex. Therefore, they need to be realized with the shortest development cycles. Dated, linear test strategies are already stretched to the limit. The time for innovation has come, made by SET.

Test systems for the highest demands

SET test systems offer holistic solutions for your challenges. In addition to standardized and open testing platforms, the System on Demand process provides just-in-time availability as well as flexible adjustments to repeatedly changing requirements. An integrated testing solution for verification and validation and production is guaranteed by:

HiL test systems

With Hardware in the Loop (HiL) testing as a System on Demand solution (SoD).

Function tester EOL / ATP

Provision of holistic tests from defining the requirements all the way to commissioning

System Integration Rigs

Your solution for integrating complex aviation systems and perfectly smooth admission tests.

Verification & validation revised:

HiL testing as an automated design process

For aeronautics to truly face its challenges, the industry needs a complete transformation of its testing strategy. That is why we have developed System on Demand. What is unique about this solution is that testing can begin at an early stage, even with unknown requirements and changes throughout the course of the project. Consistent standardization and a high degree of automation enable flexible adjustments in case of changes to the requirements. This reduces the load for your testing department and ensures that testing is no longer a critical factor in a development project. The result: More precision and productivity as well as a reduced overall risk when implementing complex projects. That leads to real savings in terms of time, labor and money.

Holistic project management

With a broad range of successful projects in aviation and a partnership i.a. as Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) Specialty Partner for National Instruments (NI), SET will ensure that your project is set for success as well. In connection with qualified project management, we will be your one-stop shop from defining the system requirements, hardware, mechanics and software development all the way to producing and commissioning the final system. If needed, we will gladly cooperate with your team to establish project and test system requirements and to determine the testing strategy.

Delivering on challenges.

With precision and innovation.

To be faster than the time to market cycles; to anticipate requirements and to be able to adjust to changing framework conditions; having test systems available not only after completion of the development but continuously: These are the indispensable prerequisites for future aeronautics projects to be successful. SET is following new approaches to get testing out of the critical path – and to make sure that overburdened schedules, budgetary and resource constraints are a thing of the past.

Secure results in every stage of the project

Regardless of the implementation phase your project is currently in, SET has needs-based solution readily available:

  • We configure the necessary test system based on an existing ICD or device specifications.
  • Only just getting started with your test planning? One of our SET-Workshops can provide you more detailed requirements – and we also define a feasible configuration of the necessary test system. Subsequently, we will set up your system, ship it to you and, where necessary, also integrate it into your testing automation.
  • We look forward to consulting with you on our integration services. You will receive support in system integration and automation. With our broad tool environment we can help you significantly reduce your efforts for integration and software development.


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