HiL test systems with System on Demand (SoD)

Hardware in the Loop testing for aviation

Modular, standardized and automated HiL test systems by SET enable a need-based verification and validation for more security and productivity during the development process.

Verifizierung & Validierung: SET Testsysteme für die Luftfahrt

System on Demand (SoD)

The smart solution for shorter development times

By using modularization and standardization in HiL testing, we have developed our System on Demand (SoD) solution. This automated procedure will provide you an individual V&V testing platform in a short time and will create a parallel set-up of the previously linear model of product development and testing. SoD is based on an open architecture with ideal adjustment options to each case. The advantage: While remaining as flexible as possible you still get to save time and money.

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“We are very happy to work with SET because they are a reliable partner both on a technical level and in personal contact. We are convinced by the innovative and flexible System On Demand test solutions for our avionic products.”
Eduard Kneib | Product Owner Testing | Volocopter GmbH

SET SOD: Tester für Verifizierung & Validierung

SoD as a sustainable solution to test requirements

With SoD, you do not have to get a separate test system for every new UUT. Instead, previously set-up designs can be reused and flexible extensions are possible as well. Based on your new ICD, we can analyze the interfaces that need extension, define the necessary system add-ons and configure the system accordingly. Then, you can decide what’s next: We will make the manual and the documentation available to you, so that you can proceed with the installation or we will cover necessary adjustments according to your requests.

Are you looking for a new test environment or are you already using your own development environment for test automation? Our software developers and architects will be happy to support you in selecting the appropriate development environment, such as the test management software NI-TestStand, Python or Matlab Simulink.

Advantages of System on Demand

No need to wait for all the requirements to be available, before setting up your test system. All we need is your ICD for SET to come up with a corresponding quote. And because signal specifications are already included in the offer, it is possible to eliminate remaining risks in all stages up to CDR, which means prior to placing your order.

With SoD, the lead time necessary to make a test system available to you is as short as 12 to 15 weeks. Additionally, the entire design documentation and specifications are available shortly after the project kick-off. And you will receive the complete simulation environment directly after we have finished the design.

As part of our architecture, we have predeveloped and standardized 80 of the most common signal types. And by using these pre-validated signals, we can remove any development and testing risk from your projects.

When new or adjusted requirements call for changes over the course of the project, SoD enables a fast and easy adaptation of the configuration. And thanks to its iterative and automated design process, you still get to keep your original schedule.

The entire configuration is completed in the quotation phase – Consequently, you will get a complete picture of your system, its set-up and capabilities right from the start. And that ensures a precise delivery date, which you will also find as part of your quote.

Due to their open and standardized COTS-based architecture, it is possible to effortlessly integrate HiL test systems by SET in existing software and hardware environments.

With SoD, you get an open system including the entire documentation and design data that will enable you to completely understand your test system, to autonomously adjust to the rapid changes in market requirements. Therefore you can operate independently of any third party for a long period of time. At the same time, we want to help you reduce laborious development activities. With SoD, you get a complete overview on all the signals inside the hard- and software ensuring that the entire expertise on the test system remains within your company.

Modular set-up of the SoD architecture

The modular set-up of the architecture on the basis of COTS components allows you to retrace the functioning of our HiL testing platform.

HiL testing with SET’s SoD procedure is done in a system with an open architecture. The testing software inside the LRU system is adjusted to the stage of the lifecycle to be checked while the hardware remains mostly unchanged. Different fault conditions can be introduced for verification and validation purposes. User-defined routings support the switch between real hardware and simulated devices: It is possible to cover various test scenarios and to start testing in early project phases without having all the components available.

Gaining insights and experiencing SoD

Redefining Aerospace Test

Test Coverage is what matters

Signal Classifications and Endpoints

Signal Customizations with minimal Impact

SET SoD Experience Center

Aerospace Experience & Training Center for System On Demand

The SoD Experience Center is a low-risk test environment for hardware and software requirements to develop reliable implementation plans. It enables developers to perform flexible and interactive live demos directly on site. In doing so, they can test the HiL system for its features such as functions, speed and reliability.


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