Hardware in the Loop (HiL) testing

with System on Demand

In aeronautics, SET is offering a truly new Hardware in the loop testing methodology according to the System on Demand principle.

System on Demand (SoD):

The completely customized product

SET takes a holistic approach for you to benefit from a customized HiL testing platform with System on Demand (SoD). From defining the system requirements all the way to implementing and commissioning the complete test system, the entire process is based on your specific requirements. Thanks to modularization and standardization, we can make an efficient testing architecture available to you fast. Our HiL testing platforms live up to any use case and prove their worth when setting up test applications for real time testing.

Hardware in the Loop Testsysteme der SET

HIL and integration testing

HiL systems are based on the standard NI-products PXI and SLSC.

Discover this product either as a complete system (SoD) or as SLSC in the form of a standard product and as part of the architecture.

An open architecture based on COTS

In 2020, NI und SET set up a strategic partnership for aeronautics. Consquently, we have complete access to National Instruments‘ entire tool chain for hardware and software. To quickly integrate your specific signal conditioning and your loads into a defined architecture, we use NI’s SLSC platform. This platform enables using the globally available COTS components of various NI Alliance Partners. Standardization takes the burden off your obsolescence management and makes development risks disappear from your project. At any time, you benefit from getting access to the entire NI product portfolio and can adjust or add to the open architecture, where necessary.

Offene SLSC Architektur


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