System Integration Rigs

Test benches for aviation electronics

System Integration Test Benches connect samples (LRUs) and HiL test systems to measure and test all electronics components for System Integration Labs or Iron Birds.

System Integration Rigs by SET

System Integration Test Benches
for testing your aeronautics electronics

A System Integration Test Bench is used to connect your UUTs with the HiL system. Due to the highly complex tasks during the integration of extensive aeronautics control systems, i. a. in Iron Birds or System Integration Labs, using a System Integration Test Bench is an essential factor for an efficient and organized approach.


  • System Integration Rigs by SET guarantee an environment for certification relevant testing and conditions, e.g. a wiring that is absolutely identical to the types and lengths of cables to be used in the actual aircraft, configurations control and reproducibility.
  • With a clearly defined and modular wiring to the UUTs, the system helps reduce the complexity for you and prevents accidental defects.
  • Clearly structured breakout panels with a logical order ensure that all of the signals can be accessed at any time. The labelling of the breakout panels strictly follows your requirements. In addition to the signal name, port and pin denominations will also be covered.
  • The mechanic UUT holders ensure that the UUTs will be securely fastened.


Excellent partner in test automation

“SET did a very good job in the implementation of a new Testbench Control SW and Testbench Automation SW for our System Endurance Testbench (NI LV, TS). It was a pleasure to work with professional developers.“

M. Groß, Schwieberdingen

The perfect addition to HiL testing
System on Demand (SoD)

The System Integration Test Bench is the perfect addition to SET’s HiL test systems “System on Demand”. With its fully integrated and automated design and adjustment process, you remain flexible during development without straining your budget or schedule. Jointly developing System Integration Rigs and HiL test systems also enable a cost-efficient 1 to 1 interface between the two systems, while keeping the gateways constant. 

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