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System on Demand (SoD): HiL test system in 12 weeks

Disruptive Design Process for HiL Test Systems

System on Demand (SoD) is a unique, agile and standardized principle to design HiL test systems. SoD shifts the focus away from technical-only solutions to a proven automated design process – targeting our customer‘s real issues: time, budget and flexibility.

Automated HiL design process

HiL test system in 12 weeks
  • From ICD to offer in 3 days
  • Over 70 pre-defined and validated signals available
  • Iterative design and change process
  • Changes possible at any time – even afterwards
  • Transparency and reliability in terms of budget and timeline
  • COTS based Open Architecture

Read the full Interview (German language) here in Issue 12/2020 of the Markt&Technik magazine.

Our customer’s challenges

  • Time To Market: Timeline and Milestones
  • Requirements always known too late
  • Subsequent changes
  • High risk on timeline, budget and resources
  • Test System ready to use short before deadline
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Flexibility: Test System not expandable
SoD Timeline Program

Our customers are satisfied:

“With System on Demand we get our test system out of the critical path!”

Key Benefits

Changes of requirements at any time

No time delay

High design flexibility

  • High flexibility without endangering the overall project
  • It does not affect delivery date & equipment availability

Lead time only 12 - 15 weeks

Test System including simulation environment

Start the test implementation

  • Design documentation and specification in early design phase
  • Complete simulation environment available after finishing the design

COTS based Open Architecture

Modular, flexibel & available

Free availability of components

  • No Obsolescence issues due to COTS components
  • Free availability, no supplier dependency

Reduced risk

on many levels

On time and on budget

  • Risk reduction on many levels
  • No development risk
  • Know what test system to expect

Reduced Total Cost of Test

Reduced cost with every new program

Re-use existing test systems

  • Re-use and easily expand test systems for new programs
  • Reduction of Total Cost of Test

Signal Cataloge

70+ pre-defined Signals

From ICD to offer in 3 days

  • 70+ pre-defined and validated signals
  • From ICD to offer in 3 days
  • Pin Trace known right from the start