Kooperationsforum Leistungselektronik 2017 in Würzburg

Our next stop is 7. Kooperationsforum Leistungselektronik. Visit the event and meet us at NOVUM Businesscenter in Würzburg. The event is on October 10th, 2017.

Power electronics is a key technology for energy efficiency. It controls the power flow and converts energy as needed for a wide range of electrical equipment – from cell phone and lighting chargers to batteries and electric mobility drives to electric grids and grid feed-in for renewable energy.

For this reason, Bayern Innovativ and the Cluster Power Electronics / ECPE e.V. address comprehensive technological trends and applications of power electronics every two years.

Focus in 2017

The 7th Cooperation Forum focuses on new applications and sales markets for power electronics, made possible by innovations in the development of wide-band-gap (WGB) components.

This year the topics are about „Technologien entlang der Wertschöpfungskette vom Substrat zum System“ and „Leistungselektronik als Key Enabler für Anwendungen“. We are there as well.

Lecture by SET GmbH

Our CEO Frank Heidemann will give a lecture about “Test systems for electronic power components and systems”.
Furthermore we are representing the our IOL Testsystem.

More information about “7. Kooperationsforum Leistungselektronik”

Further information about this event and also information about the focused topics can be found on the official Website.