SET launches new “System On Demand” principle

At embedded world 2020, SET launched the new “System On Demand” principle – a completely new approach to the design of HiL test systems for aviation. It reduces the lead time of HiL test systems to just 12 weeks and enables subsequent changes in the design process – without any delay.

System on Demand (SoD) is a new, holistic and standardized principle for the design of HiL test systems. It shifts the focus from a purely technical approach to a completely automated design process. This solves our customers’ real problems: time, budget and flexibility.

Exclusive interview on System On Demand with Markt & Technik

SET CEO Frank Heidemann presented System On Demand (SoD) in an exclusive interview with the magazine “Markt & Technik” in the 12/2020 issue. Here’s a little teaser:

Markt & Technik: Mr. Heidemann, you describe “System on Demand” as a revolution in the HiL test market. Why did the process for HiL systems have to be reinvented at all?

Frank Heidemann: We looked closely at the aviation market and found that the real problems facing our customers are not primarily technical. There are already innumerable solutions and possible combinations on the market for the technical challenges, you don’t have to reinvent that.

The real issue is the process-driven problems we have stumbled on in our daily work for years: the timeline, the flexibility and the budget. So far it is still the case that the test department inevitably sweats at the end of an aviation program. They can only start developing their test system when the requirements of the examinee have been determined. This is the case at the beginning of the project – and long afterwards – but in fact it simply never happens. If the final requirements are really clear, the test departments have lost a lot of time and the risk in the project has increased enormously despite all the precautions. Then a lot of money is invested, technical compromises are made – and yet the delivery date can often not be met.

You can read the full SoD interview (in German) here in issue 12/2020 of Markt & Technik magazine: Interview on the launch of System On Demand.

Video interview on the embedded world VIP stage on System On Demand

At embedded world, SET was also able to present its new SoD principle in a live interview on the Markt & Technik VIP stage. You can see the full video interview (in German) here: Video Interview System On Demand.

System On Demand on the SET website

Further information on System On Demand (SoD) can be found here on our website.