Signal Conditioning with SLSC

The Switch Load and Signal Conditioning (SLSC) platform standardizes the “last mile” between the measurement device and the device under test (DUT) in hardware and software.

The standardization includes the complete signal chain from a PXI or cRIO over the SLSC Chassis all the way to the connector front end of the test system as well as any needed cables and mechanical equipment. On the software side, a consistent National Instruments (NI) LabVIEW API is provided to offer uniform detection and control of the signal conditioning and switching cards. SET offers a wide variety of different signal conditioning cards to interface DUTs. The platform is designed to allow effective development of additional cards in terms of cost and time.


  • Lower design and build time of the overall test system
  • Lower potential places for failure and reduction of the overall risk
  • Standardized Component Of The Shelf (COTS) platform
  • Standardized cabling
  • Scalable & flexible platform
  • Many standard modules & Rear Transition Interfaces (RTI)
  • Open platform to integrate own custom modules
  • Global availability through NI sales channel