LVDT 9312 Demodulator

LVDT 9312 is a compact, reliable and highly versatile LVDT/RVDT conversion module. All commonly used 4, 5, 6 wire LVDT and RVDT sensors can be easily connected to the LVDT 9312 without any additional signal adaption. The module has a built-in excitation oscillator inclusive power stage which can drive most LVDTs directly without the necessity of an external power booster.
All LVDT parameters are interactively adjustable via software. The LVDT 9312 accepts a wide voltage supply range from 9V to 36V and provides galvanic isolation between the cRIO chassis and the demodulator interface.

The LVDT 9312 is operable within the National Instruments cRIO realtime environment and can also be plugged into a National Intruments R-series expansion chassis with PCI / PXI FPGA card. Included in delivery are all drivers required for the cRIO systems and LabVIEW integration examples.

Typical Applications

  • Industrial and aerospace position control systems such robotics
  • Many kind of servo loops which use LVDTs and RVDTs



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Technical Data

Supply Voltage:9-36V
Power Consumption:1.5 Watt max. (no load)
Galvanic Isolation:500VDC
Connector:25pol SUB-D
Resolution:16 bit
Accuracy:≤ 0,1%
Input Amplitude:max. 7V rms (± 40 V protected)
Exitation Amplitude:2V – 7V rms, software adjustable
Exitation Frequency:1kHz-10 kHz, software adjustable
Exitation Current:max. 120mA (rms), short circuit protected
Temperature Range:0°C … +70°C standard
-40°C … +85°C on request


Datasheet LVDT-9312 Demodulator
Datasheet LVDT-9312
Demodulator (pdf, 438KB)