• SET-1210 Resistor Simulation Card
  • SET-1210 Resistor Simulation Card

SET-1210 Resistor Simulation Card

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The SET-1210 Resistor Simulation Card provides a powerful solution for applications requiring simulation of resistive sensors. The SET-1210 Card covers two ranges of values that meet the needs of most functional test systems.

It is designed to applications such as the testing of engine controllers where resistive sensors provide information on parameters such as temperature.

Each channel of the SET-1210 Resistor Simulation Card is able to simulate the common short circuit and open circuit conditions that can be experienced in a system due to faulty wiring or sensors.


  • Enables DUT characterization required in parametric testing
  • RTD and Strain Gauge Simulator
  • HIL Testing
  • Simulation industrial sensors and actuators
  • Simulation of the internal resistance of i.e. lambda sensors
  • Simulation of engine temperature sensors



  • 16 channels
  • Very High Accuracy and Stability
  • Bipolar resistor emulation
  • Fully Programmable with a Choice of Resistance Ranges
  • Low Thermo-Electric EMF
  • Simple Verification with an External DMM
  • Suitable for Sensor Emulation Applications
  • Fully Programmable using Resistance Calls to the Driver
  • Supported by National Instruments SLSC Chassis
  • Configurable in small discrete steps, tunes stepless
  • Short and open circuit simulation



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Absolute Maximum Ratings

Relative Humidity5% – 95%
Temperature0°C – 85°C
Storage-40°C – 100°C
Max Input VoltageAny Pin60V
Transient 65V
Min Input VoltageAny Pin-60V
Transient -65V

Signal Card

R RangeV RangeI Range
Range 110Ω-10kΩ±0-25V±0-10mA
Range 21kΩ-1MΩ±0-25V±0-10mA

Technical Data Range 1

Resistance10Ω to 10kΩ
Voltage±0-25V, Possible higher
Overall Accuracy±0.0005A – ±10mA
15°C -50°C
Overall Accuracy±0.0001A – ±10mA
15°C -50°C
< 15%
Overall Accuracy±0.0005A – ±10mA 50Ω to 10kΩ
15°C -50°C
< 6%, PT100 Range [-125°C to max]
Overall Accuracy±0.0001A – ±10mA 50Ω to 10kΩ
15°C -50°C
< 3%, PT100 Range [-125°C to max]
Resolution0.2Ω / LSB, possible lower
Settling Time< 10ms, possible lower

Technical Data Range 2

Resistance1kΩ to 1MΩ
Voltage±0-25V, Possible higher
Overall Accuracy1kΩ – 10Ω
100uA – 10mA
< 6%, Possible < 5%
Overall Accuracy10kΩ – 1MΩ
1mA – 10mA
< 0,2%, Possible 0,1%
Overall Accuracy1kΩ – 10kΩ
1mA – 10mA
< 1%
Overall Accuracy100kΩ – 1MΩ
10uA – 10mA
< 2%
Resolution20Ω / LSB, possible lower
Settling Time< 10ms, possible lower