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SLSC-12001 – Chassis for SLSC

12-Slot Chassis for SLSC – The SLSC-12001 provides power, trigger lines, and a digital communication interface to discover, configure, and set parameters for switch load signal conditioning (SLSC) modules. The chassis is powered by an external +24 V supply, and this power is distributed to each SLSC module through an internal power bus that offers input overvoltage, reverse voltage, and short circuit protection. The SLSC-12001 also provides for a secondary backplane area, called the rear transition interface (RTI), that enables you to use standard NI cables to route conditioned I/O signals directly to a connected data acquisition system or to cascade signals to one or more SLSC modules. The SLSC-12001 has built-in diagnosis functions, such as battery and fan monitoring, that are accessible through the NI-SLSC driver.

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