Line Fault Module

Bundling test signals on the fault buses

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Line Fault Modul

SET 2310 – Line Fault Module

4 fault channel multiplex 16 differential / 32 single-ended channels

The main function of the plugin SET-2310 Line Fault Daughter Module is to multiplex test signals on the fault buses. On any SET approved SLSC Card with a plugin module slot, the Line Fault Daughter Module can be easily mounted. With 32 single-ended or 16 differential channels, the SET-2310 provides fault connection capabilities in a small form factor. The fault bus of the Daughter Module directs to the base cards connector to connect any fault device. It is possible to connect two fault signals to the two channel fault bus.

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National Instruments Part Number:


Absolut Maximum Ratings

Relative Humidity5% to 95%Non-condensing
Temperature 0° C to 85° C
Storage-40° C to 85° C
Max. Input VoltageAny Pin60 Vdc
Min. Input VoltageAny Pin-60 Vdc
Max. Switching PowerDC, Resistive load60 W
Max. Current Rating (Channel Relais)1.5 A
Max. Current Rating (BUS Relais)8 A

Technical Data

Update Time10 ms
Max Initial Contact ResistanceX1 -> X2 300 mΩ
Expected Electrical Lifetime 1 A, 30 Vdc resistiveMin 105 operations
Expected Electrical Lifetime1,5 A, 30 Vdc resistive Min 104 operations

Physical Characteristics

Module dimensions 10 mm x 52 mm x 235 mm (H x W x D)Standard Module size
Connector to Front 2×20 pin female socket terminal strip
Connector to Back 2×20 pin terminal strip


Operating HumidityRelative, non-condensing10% to 90%
Storage HumidityRelative, non-condensing5% to 95%
Operating TemperatureForced-air cooling from chassis 0° C to 40° C
Storage Temperature-40° C to 85° C
Maximum Altitude 2000 m

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