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Capacitance Simulation Card

Capacitive fuel sensor emulation for NI-SLSC

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The SET-1220 device is a designed capacitive fuel sensor emulation for NI-SLSC. This card provides eight isolated channels that can emulate capacitance values between 10pF and 800pF. It was designed to emulate capacitive sensors that are typically connected between an excitation voltage on one end and a virtual ground on the other end.

The SET-1220 can be driven through the RTI or through the SLSC chassis via software. RTI inputs are compatible with LVCMOS, LVTTL and TTL logic levels, have low leakage current and offer 24 SPI channels. They are grouped into four by six channels with common clock and slave select signals.
Each emulation channel has its individual enable input to physically disconnect the current output via a relay. A second relay allows to short circuit the emulation input/output. This feature can be used for failure injection and DUT calibration.
Following points have to be observed while using this card:

  • The positive terminal shall be connected to the excitation output of the DUT
  • The negative terminal is the output of a current source and shall be connected to a virtual GND referenced to the DUT GND
  • Since the emulation utilizes a current source it requires a third terminal that is connected to the DUT GND
  • In contrast to a real capacitor does the emulation put a fixed impedance of 1nF in series to 1.5KΩ onto the DUT
  • The output resistance of the DUT does not compromise the emulation quality

The SET-1220 does not emulate all physical aspects of a real capacitor and cannot be used to emulate its DC characteristics. The main focus is set on replication of the phase shift between voltage and current over a wide range of capacitance values and a broad frequency bandwidth.

General Specifications

Max. VoltageAny Input/Output, relative to DGND±60V
Max. Drive Input AC VoltageMeasured between DRV_Px and COM_Px±15VpeakAC content above 400Hz
Max. Drive Input DC OffsetMeasured between DRV_Px and COM_Px±25VDC
Typ. Drive Input Impedance1nF + 1.5kΩ
Max. Sense Output Current±1.02mApeak

Emulation Specifications

Emulated Capacitance Range10pF to 800pF
Accuracy of Emulated Capacitance / CurrentTBD
Operational Drive Input Voltage RangeMeasured between DRV_Px and COM_Px5Vpk to 15Vpk
Drive Input Frequency Range2kHz to 13.5kHz
Typical Sense Output Phase ErrorTBD
Typical Sense Output NoiseTBD
Max. DUT output resistance1kΩ
Output Settling Time< 50µs

Physical Characteristics

Module dimensionsExcluding ejector144.32mm x 30.48mm x 302mm (H x W x D)Standard SLSC card size
Front Panel Connector2x female DB -44 high-density D-Sub with 4-40 UNC screw lockFor mating connectors and cables, see below
RTI Connector2mm hard metric per IEC 61076-101Any RTI marked

Environmental Specifications

Operating humidityRelative, non-condensing10%-90%
Storage humidityRelative, non-condensing5%-95%
Operating temperatureForced-air cooling from chassis0°C-85°C
Storage temperature-40°C-100°C
Maximum altitude2000m


Manual SET-1220 Capacitance Simulation Card
Manual SET-1220 (pdf, 936KB)


  • HiL Testing
  • Aviation– fuel sensor emulation


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