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32Ch Isolated Output Card

Isolated digital input interface for SLSC

  • SET-1320 32Ch Isolated Output Card

The SET-1310 32Ch Isolated Input Card is an isolated digital input interface for NI-SLSC.

This card provides 32 optically isolated digital inputs. SET-1310 combines high-density IO with high isolation voltages and a wide input voltage range. It allows to break ground loops and protect your system from high-voltage spikes, but also to connect high voltage signals to standard logic level acquisition devices. The channel-to-channel isolation allows to connect signals from different DUTs to a single acquisition system without compromises.

The digital inputs feature a wide supply voltage range and can be used with a variety of signal levels, including 12V and 28V discrete signals.

The high-speed, high-sensitivity optoisolators allow reliable input detection with an input current as low as 0.6mA. To protect the optoisolators, each input contains a current limiting circuit which limits the input current to 6mA over the entire input voltage range.

With a maximum voltage between channels and between channel and chassis of 100Vdc, SET-1310 allows you to connect multiple DUTs operating at most usual logic levels to a single data acquisition system.


  • Galvanic channel to channel and rack isolation
  • Large input voltage range – 0 to 60V
  • 32 optically isolated digital inputs
  • Isolation voltage:
    • 70 VRMS
    • 100 VDC
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Input current limited to 6mA over entire input voltage range
  • Input reverse protection up to -60V

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Max. Output Channel VoltageMeasured between CH+ and CH-60 V DC
Max. Channel Reverse VoltageMeasured between CH+ and CH--60 V DC
Channel to Channel120 V DCIf pins are not adjacent to each other.
Otherwise 60 V DC.
Channels to Chassis60 V DC

Technical Data Front Interface

Max Output Switching Frequency1 kΩ Pull up @ 5 V DC50 kHzDepending on Pull up Current
Max. Current100 mAPeak: 500 mA
Max. Output Forward VoltageI = 100 mA< 1.3 V DC

Technical Data Rear Interface

Max. Input Channel VoltageRelative to DGND5.5 V


Operating HumidityRelative,
10% to 90%
Storage HumidityRelative,
non condensing
5% to 95%
Module Operating TemperatureForced-air cooling from chassis0 °C to 75 °C
Storage Temperature-40 °C to 85 °C
Maximum Altitude2000 m


Manual SLSC-1320 32Ch Isolated Output Card
Manual SET-1320 (pdf, 778KB)


  • 32 isolated inputs
  • Enables DUT characterization required in parametric testing
  • Isolation of computer from field devices
  • Breaking ground loops
  • High sensitivity current digital input


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