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PSI5 Sensor Interface Card

For sensor applications in the automotive industry

  • SET-1640

The Peripheral Sensor Interface 5 (PSI5) is an interface for sensor applications in the automotive industry.

PSI5 is an open standard based on existing sensor interfaces for peripheral airbag sensors and has already proven itself in millions of airbag systems.

This card emulates 16 PSI5 slaves and has 16 galvanically isolated RX+TX channels. A sync pulse sent by the master on the bus can be detected via the Rx channel. The Tx channel can be used to transmit data in the form of a modulated current on the bus.

The board was developed according to PSI5 specification V2.2 and has the possibility to freely configure the current high and low levels from 0 to 150mA via software.

Via an optional plug-in module, error buses can be switched to the PSI5 bus.


  • 16 galvanically isolated Rx/Tx channels
  • High and low level 0 to 150mA freely configurable


Operating humidityRelative,
10% – 90%
Storage humidityRelative,
5% – 95%
Operating temperatureForced-air cooling from chassis0 °C – 40 °C
Storage temperature-40 °C – 85 °C
Maximum altitude2000 m


  • HiL testing
  • Signal routing
  • Signal conditioning
  • Fault simulation
  • Automotive sensor applications
  • Airbag sensors


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