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Real Time Fault Daughter Module

Multiplex signals on the fault buses

  • SET-2315
The SET-2315-Real Time Fault Module is a plug-in module and can be easily mounted on SLSC Cards with a plug-in module slot.

The main function of the module is to multiplex signals on the fault buses.
With 16 channels, the SET-2315 provides real time fault connection capabilities in a small form factor.
The fault bus leads to the base cards connector to connect any fault device.

Absolut Maximum Ratings

Relative Humidity5% to 95%Non-condensing
Temperature0° C to 85° C
Storage-40° C to 85° C
Max. Input VoltageAny Pin60 VdcTransient 65V, Limited by connector
Min. Input VoltageAny Pin-60 VdcTransient -65V, Limited by connector
Max. Switching PowerDC, Resistive load60 W
Max. Current Rating
(Channel Relais)
1.5 A
Max. Current Rating
(BUS Relais)
8 A

Technical Data

Update Time< 10 ms
Max. Initial Contact ResistanceX1 -> X2300 mΩ
Expected Electrical Lifetime1 A, 30 Vdc resistiveMin 105 operations
Expected Electrical Lifetime1,5 A, 30 Vdc resistiveMin 104 operations

Physical Characteristics

Module Dimensions10 mm x 52 mm x 235 mm (H x W x D)Standard Module size
Connector to Front2×20 pin female socket terminal strip
Connector to Back2×20 pin terminal strip


Operating HumidityRelative, non-condensing10% to 90%
Storage HumidityRelative, non-condensing5% to 95%
Operating TemperatureForced-air cooling from chassis0° C to 40° C
Storage Temperature-40° C to 85° C
Maximum Altitude2000 m


Handbuch SET-2315 Real Time Fault Module
Manual SET-2315 (pdf, 422KB)


  • HiL testing
  • Signal routing
  • Signal conditioning
  • Fault simulation


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