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SLSC-1320 32Ch Isolated Output Card

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The SLSC-1320 32Ch Isolated Output Card is a digital output interface for NI-SLSC. This card has 32 optically isolated digital outputs. The isolated outputs protect your system from spikes on output signals, noise and break ground loops.

The 32 optical relay outputs in the SLSC-1320 can control digital logic levels at both TTL and non-TTL levels and it can switch external devices, including those requiring higher input currents.

The optical outputs have a maximum switching capacity of +/-60 VDC, or 100 mA, and are isolated up to 100 VDC from the computer and between channels.


  • 32 isolated outputs
  • Enables DUT characterization required in parametric testing
  • Isolation of computer from field devices
  • Breaking ground loops
  • High current digital outputs
  • Driving mechanical relays



  • Large voltage-current range
  • 32-Ch isolated solid-state digital outputs
  • Isolation voltage:
    • 70 VRMS
    • 100 VDC
  • Single isolated output
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Direct connection to industrial sensors and actuators
  • With programmable power-up states to ensure glitch-free operations when connected to industrial equipment



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Absolute Maximum Ratings

Relative HumidityNon-condensing5% – 95%
Temperature 0°C – 85°C
Storage -40°C – 100°C
Max Channel Input VoltageAny Pin60V
Transient 65V
Min Channel Input VoltageAny Pin-60V
Transient -65V
Channel to Channel to Chassis Isolation 100V
Limited by connector, Transient >200V

Technical Data

Max Input Voltage 60V
Max Frequency1kΩ PullUp @ 5V50khz
Depending on PullUp Current
CurrentF = 50kHz100mA
Peak 500mA
Forward VoltageI = 100mA< 1,2V