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SLSC-1320 32Ch Isolated Output Card

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The SET-1320 device is an isolated digital output interface for NI-SLSC. This card provides 32 optically isolated open-collector outputs that can switch up to 100mA at 60V. SET-1320 combines high-density IO with high isolation voltages and a wide output voltage range. It allows to break ground loops and protect susceptible test equipment from DUTs. It also enables to interface standard logic-level test equipment with almost any system voltage. The SET-1320 can be driven through the RTI or through the SLSC chassis via soft ware. RTI inputs are compatible with LVCMOS, LVTTL and TTL logic levels.

The SET-1320 has 32 optically isolated open-collector outputs. Current can fl ow from CH+ to CH when the output is on. The outputs are reverse polarity protected to -60V. The outputs are controlled from a logic-level digital output source, like NI R-Series FPGA or NI C-Series digital output modules, through the RTI. The RTI-side inputs are LVCMOS, LVTTL and TTL compatible buffered interfaces with low leakage Current.


  • 32 isolated outputs
  • Enables DUT characterization required in parametric testing
  • Isolation of computer from field devices
  • Breaking ground loops
  • High current digital outputs
  • Driving mechanical relays



  • Large voltage-current range
  • 32-Ch isolated solid-state digital outputs
  • Isolation voltage:
    • 70 VRMS
    • 100 VDC
  • Single isolated output
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Direct connection to industrial sensors and actuators
  • With programmable power-up states to ensure glitch-free operations when connected to industrial equipment



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Absolute Maximum Ratings

Operating HumidityRelative, Non-condensing10%-90%
Storage HumidityRelative, non condensing5%-90%
Operating TemperatureForced air cooling from chassis0°C – 85°C
Storage Temperature-40°C – 100°C
Max Altitude2000m

Technical Data

Max Input Channel Voltage Relative to GND6.5V
Max Input Channel Reverse VoltageRelative to GND-0.4V
Max Input Leakage Current-5μA, +μA
Max Low-Level Input Voltage0.8V
Max High-Level Input Voltage2.0V