SMARTbrick 2000C – PT100 / PT1000 EMULATOR

With the SMARTbrick 2000C, a PT100/PT1000 type temperature sensor is electronically emulated as ohmic resistance via an analog-digital control circuit. The single-channel resistor emulation emulates an electrical “two-pole network” and is galvanically isolated from the remaining test system. A line break / short-circuit can be stimulated individually for each channel for error stimulations. The resistance value, sensor type and the error stimulation are specified in connection with the carrier board via CAN bus.


Input voltagemax. +10 V (not protected against polarity reversal)
Min measurement current100 µA
Simulation range Pt10090 Ohm – 200 Ohm
Setting accuracy Pt100< 0,3 Ohm
Simulation range Pt1000900 Ohm – 4000 Ohm
Setting accuracy Pt1000900 – 2000 Ohm: < 2 Ohm
2000 – 3500 Ohm: < 6 Ohm
3500 – 4000 Ohm: < 8 Ohm
Accuracy of the st value< 1%
Insulation voltagemax. 50 VDC
Insulation resistance> 1 MOhm
Internal resistance in short circuitmax. 3,5 Ohm
Maximum current during error simulation short circuit10 mA
Selection PT100/PT1000via software

Setting the resistance value
Error stimulation “line breagage”via software
Error stimulation “short circuit”via software
Display of error stimuliesvia LEDs