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Type K sensor simulation simulates two type K thermo-elements using two millivolt power sources which are galvanically isolated from the remaining test system.

A line break can be stimulated individually for each channel for error stimulations. The voltage amplitude, sensor type and the error stimulation are specified in connection with the carrier board via CAN bus. The superordinate test system already takes the temperature of the reference junction into account when specifying the voltage value.


Active state
Output voltage24VDC
Max. output voltage10mA
Passive state
Max. allowed current through switches200mA
Resistance with the switch closedmax. 3,5 Ohm
A to switch lying parallel switchable resistor ( RD ) is used to simulate a wire break.
The impedance of the resistor is freely configurable.
Error stimulation “line break”via software
Resistance value24kOhm
Insulation voltagemax. 50VDC
Insulation resistance> 1MOhm
Configuration active / passive via software
Display of configurationvia LED’s