SMARTbrick 2400A – 4-20mA CURRENT INPUT

A single-channel current measuring module with galvanic isolation is used to analyse power outputs. A load resistance of 75 Ohm is used for current analysis. A line break and a short circuit can be stimulated for error stimulations. The error stimulation is specified in connection with the carrier board via CAN bus.


Input Voltage24 VDC
Input Current4 mA – 20 mA
Max. permissible total error± 0,1 mA
Max. short circuit current50 mA
Internal resistance in short circuitmax. 3,5 Ohm
Load resistance75 Ohm ± 5 Ohm
Insulation voltagemax. 50 VDC
Insulation Resistance1 MOhm
ADC Resolution12 Bit
Error stimulation “line breakage”via software
Error stimulation “Short circuit”via software
Display of error stimuliesvia LED’s