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Semiconductor test systems2020-11-26T18:11:17+00:00

Semiconductor test systems

For complete monitoring of the devices under test

Temperature chamber

The power semiconductor industry is undergoing rapid change due to the development and application of new technologies and materials. New wide-bandgap materials such as SiC or GaN are conquering the market and bringing new challenges in testing.

More about the current trends in Power Semiconductor Testing can be found here in an interview by SET CEO Frank Heidemann in the magazine Markt&Technik 42/2020.

With the SET semiconductor test systems you are well positioned for precise reliability tests: We offer high DUT quantities per system and high-resolution data as a basis for analysis, thus reducing test costs and test time. Furthermore, we are intensively engaged in new, dynamic test procedures for the qualification of SiC power semiconductors.

We offer you standardized test systems for the different methods to examine different areas and material properties of the semiconductors:

  • H(3)TRB – High (Humidity, Voltage and) Temperature Reverse Bias
  • HTGB – High Temperature Gate Bias
  • RTGB – Room Temperature Gate Bias
  • Dynamic H3TRB, HTGB & RTGB
  • IOL – Intermittent Operating Life
  • Power Cycling
  • HTOL – High Temperature Operating Life

Thanks to our many years of experience, close contact with our customers, cooperation with universities and membership of the European Center for Power Electronics e.V. (ECPE), we help develop the latest technologies and thus ensure that our semiconductor test systems meet the latest requirements.

In the ECPE, SET is co-chair of the working group on the AQG 324 guideline for defining the European Qualification Guideline for Power Modules for Use in Power Electronics Converter Units in Motor Vehicles. Here, SET contributes its expertise to making future mobility safer.

In addition, SET has been organizing the Power Semiconductor Reliability Round Table for the power semiconductor industry for years.