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H(3)TRB & HTGB test systems2020-08-21T13:39:20+00:00

H(3)TRB & HTGB test systems

High Volume & High Performance Baselines

SET offers two H(3)TRB and HTGB product lines which differ in the number of test object channels and the range of technical possibilities. The innovative systems are scalable, modular and standardized.

1) High Volume test system

  • Focus on scalability of DUT Channels
  • Testing of high Volumes of DUTs on small space
  • Wide-bandgap capable Gate drivers
  • Source and Gate current measurement per DUT

1) High Performance test system

  • Focus on scalability in Test functions
  • DUT disconnect on failure
  • Active limiting of maximum current per DUT
  • Integrated fully outomatic ReadOut/Characterizations
    (Rth, Vgs(th), Vds, Vf, Vbreakdown, etc)
  • Single DUT tempering, vTj temperature control

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Testschrank H3TRB


This product line scales excellently in the number of DUTs up to 960 channels per rack. The system handles separate test sequences for the channels in groups of 80 DUTs and separate environmental parameters (humidity/temperature) for the DUTs in groups of 240. Each DUT Channel offers two separated current measurements on Gate and Source. The modular design allows the systems to be upgraded at the customers site in steps of 80 DUT channels.

Key Benefits of High Volume Test System:

  • Up to 12*80=960 DUTs in a 19“Rack
  • Delivered Racks can be scaled to higher DUTs numbers on site
  • Independent Testing for multiples of 80 DUTs
  • Independent environment parameters for multiples of 240 DUTs
  • Standard Interface to interface all common Ovens and climate chambers
  • HTGB with current measurement on Source and Gate
  • Up to 2000V, 4mA/DUT, Gate +/- 35V

High Volume Test System

  • 240 DUTs initial
    • options for extending to 480, 720 and 960 on side
  • MassInterface connector to external oven
  • Independent testing per 240DUTs (H3TRB/HTRB/HTGS)
  • Up to 2000V, 1mA per DUT
    • Source current measurement: ~1uA accuracy, 0.1Hz per DUT
    • Gate drive: up to +/-25V, 0.1mA, in groups of 40 SW definable
    • Gate current measurement: ~0.5uA accuracy, 0.1Hz per DUT
    • Characteristics changeable with card swapping


This product line offers additional functions beyond the pure HTRB with real added value: Each DUT channel can be switched off separately and is actively limited to about 130% of the maximum current. This prevents any influence on adjacent channels and the faulty DUT can be analyzed later. Intermediate measurements can be skipped due to the possibility to fully automatic interrupt the stress tests for in-situ characterization of DUT parameters (Rth, Vgs(th), Vds, Vf, Vbreakdown, etc). After completion of the characterization, the system continues with the stress test completely unattended, which allows a significantly higher utilization of the device in everyday use.

For components and modules with higher power, the system can be supplemented with individual temperature control for each test channel. The system determines the thermal resistance of the test object fully automatically and then carries out a highly accurate temperature control of each individual channel based on vTj. This prevents over-testing of DUTs and allows significantly higher temperatures especially for IGBTs and modules.

Key Benefits of High Performance Test System:

  • 240 DUTs per Rack
  • Upgrading of Functions (for Example Gate Driver) possible by simple changing of cards.
  • Available voltage classes: 1500V, 2000V, 3500V, 4200V
  • Available currents up to 200mA/DUT
  • Switchable current ranges: Test standard and wide-bandgap DUTs
  • Current Clamping to ~130% of current range, latched DUT disable in ~20ms
  • Optional triggerable high frequency measurements on Vds and Is for extended diagnosis, fully asynchronous to the HTRB test.
  • Additional features and DUT slots can be added to Test system on site
  • Single DUT Temperation:
    • Controlling the ambient temperature on Tj, not on Tcase or Tambient,
    • Fully automatic system Rth characterization
    • Regulation accuracy of vTj up to +/-0,25°C
    • Available as drawer or external Trolley

High Performance Test System | Example 1

  • 3500V, two independent Tests with 30 each | HTRB/H3TRB
  • Full DUT disconnect, Vstress measurement
    • prepared for Gate drive for HTGS
    • prepared for Readout functionality
    • prepared for extending to 40 DUTs each
  • Switchable source current measurement:
    • 200mA, 40uA accuracy, 15nA resolution
    • 10mA, 2uA accuracy, 750pA resolution
  • External Oven or Trolley with Single-DUT tempering

High Performance Test System | Example 2

  • 2000V, 40 DUTs, HTRB, Readout functionality
    • Drawer with single DUT tempering on vTj
  • Single DUT disable, Vstress measurement
    • Gate drive up to +/-30V, +/- 10mA, accuracy 0.1V
    • Automatic interruption of HTRB for fully automatic readouts
    • Characterization of Rth, Vgs, Vds, Vbreakdown, Vf
  • Switchable Source current measurement:
    • 20mA, 4uA accuracy, 1,5nA resolution
    • 1mA, 200nA accuracy, 75pA resolution

High Performance Test System | Example 3

  • 2000V, 80 DUTs, HTRB, extendable in groups of 40 up to 240 DUTs
  • Single DUT disable
    • Adding of Gate drive possible on site
  • Switchable Source current measurement:
    • 20mA, 4uA accuracy, 1,5nA resolution
    • 1mA, 200nA accuracy, 75pA resolution

Technical Data

High Volume

High Performance

Devices under test (DUTs) per system (fully monitored)

80 – 960

20 – 240

HTRB TestVoltage

60V, 150V, 300V, 600V, 1000V, 1500V, 2000V

300V,600V,1000V, 1500V, 2000V, 3500V, 4200V

Source Current Measurement Ranges

500uA, 1mA, 4mA

500uA, 1mA, 10mA, 20mA, 100mA, 200mA


-35V to +35V,
SW configurable

-40V to +40V,
SW configurable


4uA, 2mA

10uA, 10mA


HTGS capability

HTGS capability,
Current Range Switching,
DUT current clamping,
DUT disconnect on failure

In-Situ measurements

Rth, Vgs(th), Vds, Vf, Vbreakdown

SingleDUT Temperature Control

vTj control +/-0.5°C

Display with measurements of the HTRB Testsystem
Three HTRB Testsystems in a row
Temperature Chamber HTRB