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SLSC - Switch, Load and Signal Conditioning optimizes the signal processing as well as the requirements of the test stimulus

What is SLSC?

SLSC means Switch, Load and Signal Conditioning and is the new state of the art of signal conditioning. SLSC is a modular extension platform for data acquisition products such as PXI and CompactRIO.

The SLSC platform offers standardized interfaces to the measurement electronics as well as the DUT and enables flexible, modular signal conditioning, fault simulation and many other test requirements.

Until now, to ensure signal integrity, custom signal conditioning, as well as the internal development of simulated loads have been the standard. This was the only way real signals could be simulated in HiL (hardware-in-the-loop) tests. However, due to increasing complexity, the cost and effort involved in developing custom HiL tests has increased. This led to the development of an add-on module: SLSC.

SLSC optimizes the signal processing as well as the requirements of the test stimulus.

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Today's Hardware in the Loop System

Today's Hardware In The Loop System

Future Hardware in the Loop System

Futures Hardware In The Loop System

Savings in HiL systems due to SLSC

Less Time

Less time due to SLSC

Lower cost

Lower cost due to SLSC

Lower risk

Lower risk due to SLSC

Saab Aeronautics uses SLSC

The challenge:
Previously, a user-defined system was used to interface the Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) in Saab Aeronautics simulators. This system needed to be replaced by a more cost-effective COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) solution.

The solution:
Instead of developing a custom system to interface with the cRIO and PXI-based systems, Saab Aeronautics used the SLSC system. This strategy reduced costs and ensured maximum flexibility.

Without the SLSC, we may have needed to spend thousands of man hours and many thousands of euros in materials to develop the system ourselves. . . . Having a COTS product means we can contain development and maintenance costs promoting the Saab initiative to break the cost curve. Using the SLSC system further promotes our goal to focus the attention on building HIL test systems and rigs, not developing advanced hardware.

Anders Tunströmer, Technical Manager, Saab Aeronautics

At the keynote of NIWeek 2016, Frank Heidemann, CEO of SET GmbH, and Anders Tunstromer from Saab Aeronautics, presented how Saab has reduced test costs by using the signal conditioning platform NI SLSC.

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