Power Semiconductor Reliability Round Table

Power Semiconductor Reliability Round Table 2017

The Power Semiconductor Reliability Round Table is our expert event for information exchange regarding today’s and future challenges of
Power Semiconductor Reliability Test Systems. The event is hosted in cooperation with the ECPE e.V. – European Center for Power Electronics e.V. – and the Cluster of Power Electronics on the 20th of June in Munich (next to the Airport).

In 2017, the Power Semiconductor Reliability Round Table is dedicated to HTRB and H3TRB reliability tests and is focusing on characterization and dynamic tests.

As the demand for power semiconductors is rising rapidly, processes need to become more efficient. Reliability and characterization tests are still running on separate test systems, causing a lot of time-consuming handling efforts. It’s time to combine these into one test system. Furthermore reliability testing needs to cover more and more dynamic tests. Todays static tests do not cover the application scenarios, e.g. e-mobility and renewable energy, which are highly dynamic use cases of the power semiconductors.

Our event benefits from the involvement of the participants and the lively discussions. The attendees of last years round table jointly confirmed that the event on a small scope and the very open format offer the possibility for interactive discussions as well as exchange of current challenges and appropriate actions. Therefore we will continue this year with the combination of half hour presentations and subsequent half hour open discussions.


The topics are:

– Fundamentals of characterization

– Fundamentals of dynamic tests

– Realization of characterization inside HTRB/H3TRB test systems

– Power semiconductor parameters and their relevance for data sheets

– Single device temperature control / Thermal runaway

– Dynamic tests on wafer level or die level


We will publish the final agenda at the beginning of May.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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