Software Development

for individual test solutions

In addition to the specially adapted software for our developed electronics, we also develop our own software environments to suit your needs.

LabVIEW made to measure & LabVIEW FPGA / RealTime

Our certified LabVIEW architects (CLA) and developers (CLD, CLAD) translate your specific requirements into structured and transparent LabVIEW applications. Whether individual sub-projects or large scale applications developed in a team – our developers are happy to share with you their knowledge gained from many successfully completed LabVIEW projects.

LabVIEW FPGA and LabVIEW RealTime are two excellent modules for the programming language LabVIEW. These modules enable the generation of real-time applications and FPGA code from within LabVIEW. Therefore they are easily to integrate into LabVIEW applications.

We also offer LabVIEW training, conducted by certified LabVIEW architects, on-site or at our facility.

TestStand – The Sequencer

TestStand is one of the best test management tools available. TestStand is a powerful platform to structure test sequences and represent them using a simple configuration. Our experienced and certified TestStand developers (CTD) and architects (CTA) assist you quickly and efficiently in order to obtain a high performance test solution. Besides our standard methods and well respected training courses, we also specialize in developing high performance operator interfaces and custom step type libraries.


VeriStand provides versatile ready for use functionality such as configurable data acquisition and logging, test sequencing and integration of simulation models during the fast commissioning of your control, regulation and monitoring system. Real time applications can be reliably and flexibly configured with this software environment.

Embedded C – The turbo charger for the hardware

Compared to standard C, embedded C contains language extensions which are specially designed for microcontrollers, low memory sizes and optimised algorithms.

Embedded systems can therefore be programmed using fewer resources. We intensively use embedded C, due to low code sizes and extremely high efficiency especially for embedded systems.

May we also support you in your project? Please let us know – we are happy to help.

LabWindows CVI – version “C“

LabWindows CVI is National Instruments Software Tool Chain’s solution for realising applications, interfaces or device drivers in a C based programming language – fully supported by NI graphic elements, driver structures and the full developers’ environment. Our certified software developers are happy to advise and support you when realizing your projects.

C, C++, C#, .NET

Are you looking for support for standard programming languages C, C++ (including Qt-Library), C#, .NET?

Or do you need support embedding SQL databases in order to administrate and manage measurement data securely in large quantities and at high rates?

We are happy to support you. Our excellent trained programmers have the right solution for any requirement.


We are happy to support you in your applications with our certified software developers and architects.

With years of experience in the aerospace, power semiconductor, automotive and other industries, we can draw on extensive know-how and efficiently support you in implementing your test requirements for functional testers, HiL or end-of-line (EOL) test systems, among others.