Customized testing solutions

Reliability tests for your power semiconductors

At SET, we offer individual test systems that are specifically customized – from static and dynamic all the way to function and production testers for effective and meaningful reliability tests.

Individual test systems for highest customer demands

Test systems by SET are state of the art in both technology and method, but they are also highly flexible. Consequently, you get customized testing solutions that are fully aligned to your individual requirements and you also get the assurance of a recognized quality test. 

With SET‘s longstanding experience, the close contact to our customers, our cooperation with universities and our membership with the European Center for Power Electronics e.V. (ECPE), we contribute to the development of the latest technologies to make sure that our semiconductor test systems fulfil the most up-to-date requirements.

We use our know-how to support you in handling your projects from definition of the system requirements to implementing and commissioning the complete special test system, and we also provide you with a fast and efficient configuration of a test system that is adapted to your ideas and the most diverse of application cases.

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Customized testing solutions

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Performance and quality: Expections towards wide bandgap semiconductors

SET is your specialist for testing wide bandgap materials like SiC and GaN We are also the technology leader in terms of dynamic test systems. While the shift towards new wide bandgap materials looks promising, it is also connected to numerous challenges for the semiconductor industry.

  • Customers expect optimum performance and quality from the new semiconductors.
  • Manufacturers need to introduce new technologies for chip manufacturing.
  • When new materials, new production processes and highest customer demands come together, this leads to a challenging combination that calls for a robust quality management.
  • Power semiconductor tests that are specifically adapted to the material at hand are going to play a crucial role for quality assurance.
  • Models based on the field data for silicon-based chip production are not suitable when testing wide bandgap semiconductors.
  • We now need to collect more data than before to conduct qualification tests regarding lifetime, reliability and stress

SET faces these challenges by constantly researching and developing new test procedures. We use this expertise in-house for the development and production of our test systems and our electronics. 

As a leading specialist for test systems in semiconductor reliability testing, you can count on SET for customized testing solutions. We will either accompany you through your development phase and prior to starting production or we serve as your production and function tester while your production start is pending.

Application example

customized test system “HTOL“

System’s specific features

  • Complete logging of all devices under test during the complete test phase
  • Exact temperature control of each test object on its semiconductor structure
  • RF load of the samples possible
  • High throughput for each system
  • Fully automated test procedure
  • Automated test continuation according to characterization
  • Freely programmable test system based on National Instruments’ COTS platform
  • No test interruptions due to defective DUTs
  • Integrated safety system

Devices under test (DUT‘S) per system (fully monitored)16
DUT supply voltage (VDD)1 V – 5.5 V
VDD output current per DUT10 mA
VDD remote sense
VDD and supply current monitoring
VDD adjustable and switchable by software
Flexible FPGA DUT communication
Single DUT junction temperature control
Adjustable test temperature50 °C – 175 °C
Power dissipation per DUT500 mW
Ramp up time (25 °C to 175 °C)< 20 min
Ramp down time (175 °C to 50 °C)< 30 min
Virtual Tj measurement
RF Stimuli Frequency600 MHz – 2200 MHz
RF Stimuli power10 W


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