Dynamic HTGB / DGS test systems

Gate stress tests for SiC and GaN semiconductors

Wide bandgap semiconductors made from silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) require new testing methods. The HTGB / DGS test system covers these requirements from various perspectives and also enables simultaneous testing of up to 3 lots with 80 DUTs each.

Dynamic HTGB / DGS test system

Tailored test systems for new wide bandgap materials

To meet the requirements of demanding future technologies, power eletronics more than ever rely on greener efficiency. Consequently, wide badgap materials like silicon carbide or gallium nitride are promising candidates to replace classic silicon in the production of power semiconductors.

Ambitious areas of application in power electronics like e-mobility or renewable energy define conditions, in which wide bandgap components need to prove themselves. And while the material-specific reliability tests have not yet been standardized, they still need to be tailored to the requirements of the industry. SET is facing these challenges with specifically developed solutions, which also include dynamic test systems such as HTGB (High Temperature Gate Bias) / DGS (Dynamic Gate Stress).

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High Temperature Gate Bias / Dynamic Gate Stress

High Temperature Gate Bias (HTGB) or HTGS (High Temperature Gate Stress) and DGB (Dynamic Gate Bias) is a test using fast voltage shifts to stimulate fault mechanisms at the gate. The test does not consist of an acceleration of a static HTGB and neither serves to verify insulation capacities. This test system covers all relevant test specifications. Besides that, it runs fully automated tests with a detailed reporting.

In addition to the stimuli, the dynamic HTGB test system also offers numerous in-situ measurements to determine relevant parameters every 5 minutes. On the one hand, this provides an idea on the overall influence and on the other hand it also highlights the effect over the course of time, which allows for more precise statements on the DUTs in the field.

Technical data

Test system typeDynamic HTGB / DGS test system  
Dynamic HTGB stimuli  
  • Up to 240 DUT 
  • Hot/cold plate ranging from 0°C to 200°C,
  • negative temperature on request 
  • High Voltage drain stimuli up to 2kV, SW configurable  
    • Gate Stimuli High dV/dt stimuli of the gate with 0.3 – 1V/ns 
    • Software configurable Gate Voltages V+/- = ± 35V max. 
    • Up to 300kHz frequency, software definable 
  • Possibility to test application specific with own gate drivers 
HTGB measurement  
  • Fully automatic in-situ measurement of positive and negative gate threshold voltage
  • In-Situ Rds(On) measurement
  • Software definable drain/source current measurement point
  • Software definable measurement interval, down to every 10sec


Testing as a Service

Looking for a specialist to have your DUTs externally tested? With our inhouse “Testing as a Service”, we offer you a simple and fast testing directly at the experts on site.

SET_Dyn. H3TRB-DRB Testsysteme

Competence and commitment: Test development at SET

Wide bandgap semiconductors face high expectations. In many cases, however, there are no binding test scenarios to verify their reliable performance. In this demanding situation, SET uses its extensive knowledge and long-standing experience to develop test systems, which are perfectly tailored to both the material properties and the industry requirements.

SET is a member of ECPE. We are committed to the definition of binding qualification guidelines as part of the working group AQG 324. When working on innovative solutions for the testing of SiC and GaN semiconductors, we always consider the requirements from manufacturers, resellers and customers. We also cooperate with academic institutions and research departments. This secures current and future technologies by standardized reliability tests. Additionally, SET has been hosting the International Power Semiconductor Reliability Round Table for the power semiconductor industry.


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