Power Cycling test systems & IOL

Efficient testers with modular system for fast scalability

High measurement quality at high throughput. Permanently increase the effectiveness of your reliability tests with a power cycler or IOL test system.

Low Total Cost of Test (TCOT)
with high quality and high throughput

SET’s power cyclers and load cycling test systems, or IOL (Intermittent Operating Life) test systems, efficiently test power semiconductors. When testing with a power cycler, the DUTs are switched on and off continuously, thus thermally stressing the DUTs. Power cycling test systems increase measurement quality and throughput and reduce testing costs on an open platform. The focus is on seamless moni­toring and precise determination of all parameters of each DUT.

In addition, the systems are equipped for the special requirements of wide bandgap technology and are compatible for a measurement with the materials SiC and GaN.

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System Features

  • Fully automated test process including characterization
  • High throughput due to active cooling
  • Full recording of all single pulses of each DUT
  • Various drawers available for standard housings
  • Custom adaptation for available substrates
  • High-precision timing through FPGA technology
  • Compatible with new wide bandgap technology (SiC / GaN)

Technical Data

IOL 80IOL Bench TopPower Cycling
Devices under test (DUTs) per system (fully monitored)80 max16 max3×3 max
Load current0-250A0-250A0-2000A
Measurement current-50 – +50mA-50 – +50mA-50 – +50mA
Active cooling
Cooling mediumAir / Pressured AirAir / GasLiquid conditioning -40°C – +150°C
Monitoring parameter
UReverse (UF)

FPGA-Technology for precise timing and measurement
RT based measurement engine
Online visualisation
DIAdem data connector for offline analysis
Modularity1-5 Modules1 Module1-2 Modules


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power cycling and IOL test systems