SET Podcast News: the power semiconductor industry in transition

In two different podcasts, Frank Heidemann, founder of SET GmbH, talks about the intersection of the automotive and semiconductor industries, the rapid change in the power semiconductor industry and what this means for testing and qualification.

The semiconductor landscape, especially in the power sector, is rapidly evolving. With the rise of EVs, the automotive world sees growth in double digits, with some companies even seeing a growth of up to 100%. This surge has led to a corresponding growth in the power semiconductor industry. Specifically, the wide bandgap industry with materials like silicon carbide is witnessing a growth rate of 35-40% annually. However, with this growth comes challenges, especially concerning reliability testing, with new failure models emerging that the industry must address.

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Frank Heidemann also talks about how semiconductor companies are carving out new paths and how electrification is reshaping the automotive and semiconductor industries.

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