RDK 9316

Resolver Demodulator

Compact, reliable and highly versatile Resolver-to-digital conversion module.

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RDK 9316 – Resolver Demodulator

RDK 9316 is a compact, reliable and highly versatile Resolver-to-digital conversion module.

All commonly used Resolvers can be easily connected to the RDK 9316 without any additional signal adaption. The module has a built-in excitation oscillator inclusive power stage which can drive most Resolvers directly without the necessity of an external power booster. All module parameter are interactively adjustable via soft ware.

A sensor-detection functionality automatically adjusts the module to the specific sensor ratio. The RDK 9316 accepts a wide voltage supply range from 9 V to 36 V and provides galvanic isolation between the cRIO rack and the demodulator interface.


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RDK 9316


  • Data logging of resolver
  • Engine control
  • Position control

Technical Data

Channels: 1
Supply Voltage:9 V – 36 V
Power Consumption:1.5 Watt max. (no load)
Galvanic Isolation:500 VDC
Connector: 25 pol SUB-D
Resolution:10/12/14/16 bit (software selectable)
Accuracy: up to 5.6 Arc Minutes (depends on resolution and resolver)
Maximum Tracking Rate: 1600 rpm (16 bit)
3700 rpm (14 bit)
15000 rpm (12 bit)
30000 rpm (10 bit)
Settling Time (179° step): 2 ms (10 bit)
8 ms (12 bit)
20 ms (14 bit)
50 ms (16 bit)
Input Amplitude:max. 7 V rms (+/- 40 V protected)
Input Impedance:Zin (differential) 94 kΩ
Exitation Amplitude:2 V rms – 7 V rms, software adjustable
Exitation Frequency:1 kHz – 10 kHz (14 /16 bit), software adjustable
2 kHz – 10 kHz (10 /12 bit), software adjustable
Exitation Current: max. 120 mA rms, short circuit protected
Temperature Range:0° C … +70° C standard
-40° C … +70° C on request

SET RDK-9316 Technical Description Download Documenation

Our modules are compatible with LabVIEW 2015-2017. We are currently working on up-to-date drivers for you.

Download LabVIEW driver: SET-9316