ARINC 429 Card

Designed for the data standard bus ARINC 429

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SET-1623 Arinc 429 Karte

SET 1623 – ARINC 429 Card

The SET-1623 ARINC 429 card is designed for the ARINC 429 data standard bus.

The SET 1623 ARINC Card has 32 Tx/Rx Channels. These 32 Tx/Rx channels are structured in 4 banks (P0.x to P3.x) 8 channels each. Each bank is controlled by a dedicated SPI (SPI0 to SPI3) located on RTI.

The direction is selectable by software for each channel. Individual transfer rate switchover for each Tx channel and automatic transfer rate recognition on Rx channels. Message reception and itemization by label in hardware and additional direct access to the transmitter and receiver unit.

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The SET-1623 ARINC 429 card is designed for the ARINC 429 data standard bus. Therefore it finds use in commercial aircraft communicating with ARINC 429 for example.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Channel Short Circuitcont.80 mAWhen in Tx mode
Any Pin to ARINC Reference±7 V
Any Pin to Chassis GNDmax 60 V

Technical Data

Number Channels32
DirectionRx/TxSoftware-selectable for each channel
Bit Rate Tx 100 kb/s / 12.5 kb/sSoftware-selectable for each channel
Bit Rate Rx 100 kb/s ± 1% 12.0 kb/s to 14.5 kb/s ± 1%Auto-detected for each channel
Scheduling Slots per channel256 slotsLabel used as index per default
Indexing Slotsper channel 256 slotsLabel used as index per default

Physical Characteristics

Module DimensionsExcluding ejector144.32 mm x 30. 48 mm x 302 mm (H x W x D)Standard SLSC card size
Front Panel Connector2x female DB -44 high-density D-Sub with 4-40 UNC screw lock
RTI Connector 2mm hard metric per IEC 61076-101Any RTI marked


Operating humidityRelative, non-condensing10% – 90%
Storage humidityRelative, non-condensing5% – 95%
Operating temperatureForced-air cooling from chassis 0 °C – 40 °C
Storage temperature-40 °C – 85 °C
Maximum altitude 2000 m

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