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The class 6a on tour!

Die Klasse 6a der Gemeinschaftsschule Argenbühl

The class 6a of the community school Argenbühl has spent the last weeks to give you a treat with our homemade Christmas cards.

We were delighted by the cards and are pleased to support the school class with donations for their school trip. Next year, the pupils of class 6a of the community school will go to Hüttlingen near Aalen and spend their school trip at the Marienburg. There, the kids will practice archery, abseiling from the castle walls, visiting a mine and much more. We wish you a lot of fun and a good time!

You liked the Christmas card as much as we did and you would like to personally thank the little artists for their diligence or support them with a small grant? Then we would like to give you the opportunity with the following address of the school.

Gemeinschaftsschule Argenbühl
Eisenharzer Weg 7
88260 Argenbühl


Volksbank Allgäu-Oberschwaben
IBAN: DE57 6509 1040 0061 5500 19

Gemeinschaftsschule Argenbühl

The entire SET team wishes you and your family a joyful and relaxing Christmas time and a healthy and successful year 2018.