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Power Semiconductor Reliability Round Table

The 2020 Power Semiconductor Reliability Round Table is our expert format for information exchange regarding today’s and future challenges in Power Semiconductor Reliability Testing. The event is hosted in cooperation with the ECPE e.V. – European Center for Power Electronics e.V. – and the Cluster of Power Electronics as an Online Conference. It takes place on the 28th of May from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Key Topics

In 2020, the Power Semiconductor Reliability Round Table is dedicated to reliability tests of Wide-Bandgap Materials. The focus is on new challenges in qualification such as dynamic H(3)TRB and HTGS/HTGB testing – and how to overcome them.

In times of E-Mobility, reliability testing needs to cover more and more dynamic tests. Lifetime and reliability of Wide-Bandgap materials are a cutting-edge topic since research on the new materials such as SiC has still not been completed. This leads to completely new requirements for test procedures which challenge the whole industry. The demand for dynamic H(3)TRB and HTGS/B tests has risen extremely, but exact requirements are often hardly known yet.

Event format

The event benefits from the involvement of the participants and the lively discussions – especially since it takes place online in 2020. The attendees of 2017’s round table jointly confirmed that the event on a small scope and the very open format offered the possibility for interactive discussions and exchange. Therefore we will continue this year with the combination of 10 – 15 minutes presentations and about 15 minutes discussions.

Become a speaker and share your challenges, requirements or solutions in a short presentation. SET will also share some insights of dynamic inhouse tests of some of those new components.

We will publish the final agenda 2 weeks prior to the event.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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