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Routing Card

Designed for the challenges of signal routing in HiL systems

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SET-2010 Routing Karte / SET-2010 Routing Card

SET 2010 – Routing Card

The SET-2010 Routing Card is a large-scale, high density switching matrix. With 64 single-ended or 32 differential channels. The SET-2010 provides exceptional signal routing capabilities in a small form factor. Unlike traditional routing matrix cards, the SET-2010 is designed specifically for the challenges of signal routing in HiL systems.

To maximize customizability, the SET-2010 features two plug-in module slots that can provide features such as line fault insertion and instrument connect. The base card provides multiplexer functions for both front-panel IO and rear connectivity.

Additionally, the SET-2010 Routing Card comes with a high current fault injection bus.

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National Instruments Part Number:


  • 60V, 1.5A,
  • 64 independent channels or 32 differential channels
  • 60W maximum switching power per channel
  • 2 Expansion Slots for Daughter modules
  • High-reliability relays for maximum performance
  • Fast operating speed 4ms typical

  • Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing
  • Fault insertion unit can help to simplify and accelerate the testing, diagnosis and integration work in HIL applications
  • Signal routing
  • Signal and condition
  • Fault simulation

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Max. Input Voltage Any Pin60 Vdc
Min. Input Voltage Any Pin-60 Vdc
Max. Switching Power DC, Resistive load60 W
Max. Current Rating 1.5 A

Technical Data

Update Time10 msSLSC Commit
CMD duration
Max Initial Contact ResistanceJ1 → XJ2,
J2 → XJ2,
J1 → J2
500 mΩ
Expected Electrical Lifetime1 A, 30 Vdc resistive105 operations
Expected Electrical Lifetime1,5 A, 30 Vdc resistive104 operations
Bandwith-3 dB,
50 Ω Termination
≤ 20 MHz


Operating HumidityRelative, non-condensing10 % – 90 %
Storage HumidityRelative, non-condensing5 % – 95 %
Operating TemperatureForced-air cooling from chassis0 °C – 40 °C
Storage Temperature-40 °C – 85 °C
Maximum Altitude2000 m

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Signalpfad_SET-2010_SLSC Karte / signal paths SET-2010 Routing Card

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